Where to Spend Your Cryptocurrency

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Bitcoin is a fantastic encrypted currency. The advantages and opportunities he discovers seem endless. However, all positive qualities don’t matter if we only store or sell our coins without having the opportunity to spend them on some things.

Bitcoin will become a successful world currency only when people use it as traditional fiat currency, for which you can buy anything. Fortunately, there are recently many places where you can pay with bitcoins. Some of them were specially created for such purposes. In this material, you will know where you can spend your bitcoins (online or in physical stores), without wasting much time to search for the necessary information on the Internet.

Online Bitcoin Purchases

It is often more profitable to pay for goods using bitcoins than fiat money (real money). In addition, many stores offer additional discounts when paying in encrypted currency. The problem is that it is not easy to find the right product if you do not have special tools for this. Fortunately, we have several useful tips that we want to share with you.


The Spendabit search engine offers the opportunity to find several million products that are available for purchase with the help of bitcoin. The system finds on the Internet several trading platforms and stores that meet your needs. Using Spendabit is simple: you need to type the desired product name to the search bar. The system allows you to find different large or small stores.


OpenBazaar is a completely decentralized e-commerce platform. Calculations occur only in bitcoins without additional fees. You can download the OpenBazaar app to search for the desired products.


Purse.io is a tool for gift card owners who can buy products for you in exchange for their bitcoins. This is the best way to sell an Amazon gift card for the money. The working algorithm is extremely simple: you must select the goods and pay for the purchase with bitcoin. Amazon gift card owners use their certificates to pay for their orders in exchange for their bitcoins. This means that if you have many gift cards, which you don’t want to use and prefer money, you can also use the Purse.io system.

Physical Stores – Maps

Want to find local stores that accept bitcoin, but have no idea where to find them? Fortunately, there are several great tools to find places where you can buy goods for bitcoins.


Coinmap : from “coin”, a currency and a map, a map. This is exactly what you imagine when you read this word. The tool is a world map that shows the location of stores that accept bitcoin. The map is easy to use: just zoom in to find points in your city.


SpendBitcoins also allows you to find the sellers on the map, who accept Bitcoin. While this map is less popular than the previous one, but you have many possibilities to find other vendors who are not on Coinmap.


Unlike other services, CoinATMRadar will not help you find stores that accept bitcoin. However, you will easily find a Bitcoin ATM anywhere in the world so you can quickly and easily convert your bitcoins into a currency (euro, dollar, etc…). This is very convenient if you only have bitcoins with you, but nearby there are no stores that accept it as a form of payment.