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Please note: All details are available fully transparent. You don't need to give an email or phone number to find out what it is, what it delivers and what you get. All "Networker" associated websites have real contacts, and a team of dedicated people, not like too many other sites hiding information and have poor client service. Service is a key motto for us.

NOTE: Our office time starts around 8:30 a.m. - 8 - 10 p.m. daily Central Time US, Sunday/Holiday depending on my mood. Activation will be handled first thing every morning. Thanks for understanding.

The NetworkerBitcoin Opportunity using the Bitcoin crypto currency (btc) to deliver an unique multi-matrix concept

with automatic Upgrades and automatic re-purchases

To participate you can select from two entry points:

Option One: NetBTC Direct with an entry 0.024 btc, or

Option Two: NetBTC Feed with an entry 0.004 btc

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Before you start - You must have a Bitcoin wallet to participate with btc funds (see menu tab "Bitcoin Wallet"). After registration, make sure you read the instructions in the Member's area BEFORE sending a bitcoin payment to ensure best transaction

The Networker Bitcoin matrix Option 1 & 2 are company forced matrix, every new member will be placed in the next available position, that every new member will have spillover and an automated down line. Please read all information below.

















It Doesn't Matter Whether You've Ever Joined A Matrix Program In The Past Or Not... Because Now You Can Join This Unique New Matrix Program & Be On The MOST PROFITABLE SIDE OF THE EQUATION!

Ever Been In A Matrix That Stalled? That's NOT Going To Happen Here Because We've Taken Measures Against That!

Our unique matrix system keeps working continually to ensure our members are in a positive position pocketing profits month after month. With program longevity planned in advance, and stealth tactics included in our compensation plan, is formulated to continue to grow and prosper over time.

A detailed program description is HERE

Our program offers the following benefits:


  • Simplicity and easy to understand, with the goal to enhance the continuous growth of the group building.
  • Automatic upgrade and automatic re-entries ensures, that nobody is left behind. With a Company forced matrix we eliminated the "Stoppage Spots", the system now fills the next available open position.
  • Capture your prospect's attention with an intriguing Service we combined with Bitcoin opportunity and the "Networker World Directory" that network marketers will jump over each other to join!
  • Earn Bitcoins over and over, combined matrix cycles create 345 new positions into the down lines, duplicating this for every person in this bitcoin opportunity.
  • Use your circle of influence to show the Networker Directory. Every Business, especially Internet Marketer need to show their services, products, place affiliate links, website address, and communicate with Networkers worldwide with the Networker Directory Platform. It is the Gateway to your success. Every person / Business owner place a listing with the Networker Directory will automatically receive a paid position within this Bitcoin Opportunity, therefore exponentially growing the member number.
  • The money doesn't stop there... Keep referring - and you are on the way to succeed.
You must have a Bitcoin Wallet to participate (read: "How to get a Bitcoin Wallet")
From the Desk of Holger, The
The Internet has impacted every person's live and changed the way how we communicate, how business is conducted and opened different opportunities. It does not matter if you are a Networker, an Internet Marketer, own a business, or you are a Crypto Currency enthusiast, everyone needs tp present their products, services, affiliate programs and opportunities on the worldwide web.
If you're tired of joining programs, offering same concept of banner and text ads (and nobody sees them) ... then you really need to keep reading, because you won't be disappointed with the results and beneficial services you receive with our program.
We developed this matrix system to take the hard work out of promoting and building a downline, while making it simple and straightforward for members to earn financial rewards in a short period of time -- with little effort.

Are you starting to see just why our program is quickly becoming so popular? It's because our members are active promoters who aren't afraid of making extra money online.

After you registered and verified your best email address, you can log in to your admin area. You will then be able to select your entry option..

Make sure you read the instructions FIRST in the Member admin area.

So what are you waiting for? Jump on the money train & get going now!

Click the link below to get started immediately!

We look forward to welcoming you in the member's area!




PS. When we were in the planning stages of creating this program, we had strategizing session to explore how we can offer ALL members a service to benefit their daily businesses, selling products and services, and decided that a so-called "Evergreen" service would be the most beneficial. A Directory website is such an "Evergreen" service. The combination of The "Networker World Directory" with the Bitcoin Opportunity has worked out better than we expected. More people are signing up as word gets out about the BTC earning potential with such service.

Join now! It'll be the best move you've ever made to secure your financial future. (Probably the most fun you'll have as well!)